micro brewery

Micro brewery is up and running now and you can often see Andy making his next barrels of ale

he is always happy to explain the process if you are interested


Currently Andy has 3 ales available and Andy is always brewing a seasonal ale

All our ales are available for purchase at cafe ODE


a dark amber ale with flovoursome hoppy tones.  Aroma full of hops and barley with a hint of sweet fruit.  Smooth and easy on the palate with deep caramel flavours.

ODE ALE 4.2%

A light amber ale with a citrus twist.  Lots of hops but finely balanced with strong hints of elderflower.  A lovely summer ale but drinks well all year round.  Was originally designed and crafted to enjoy with fine dining food at ODE dining in 2008.


Shaldon shag is a copper ale that is hand crafted at our brewery using Marris Otter and crystal malts along with 3 hop varieties and 3 fruits.  The aroma is light malt and summer fruits with hint of caramel and the taste is fruity, zesty hops with a luxurious well balanced finish